Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein

American Speaker & Author


CHARLES EISENSTEIN holds his name as an American public speaker and author. And, his work contains a wide range of topics, which include the history of human civilization, economics, spirituality, and the ecology movement. The key themes explored by him include anti-consumerism, interdependence, and how myth and narrative influence culture. According to Charles, global culture is immersed in a destructive “story of separation”, and one of the main goals of his work is to showcase an alternative “story of interbeing”.

Several of his work is drawn on ideas from Eastern philosophy and the spiritual teachings of various indigenous peoples. Charles has been involved in the Occupy, New Economy, and permaculture movements. Eisenstein’s work has also been popular with countercultural and New Age audiences. An advocate of the gift economy, he makes much of his work available for free on his website.

Charles then went to Taiwan and learned Chinese, and then found himself working as a translator. Eisenstein spent most of his 20s there, educating himself broadly in Eastern spiritual traditions. He also read voraciously: books on health, nutrition, globalization, spirituality, physics, and biology. Translation led to other business opportunities, and I became familiar with this dimension of the human experience.

Eisenstein has spoken at various conferences and events over the years. His events are held voluntarily, organized by others who invite him to speak. Under his ideal of generosity and “living in the gift,” he generally charges people expenses but no fee, leaving it up to them to give him something if they want to.


  • The Open Secret, 2001, Authorhouse
  • The Yoga of Eating: Transcending Diets and Dogma to Nourish the Natural Self, 2003, NewTrends Publishing
  • The Ascent of Humanity. Civilization and the Human Sense of Self, 2007, Panenthea Productions
  • Transformational Weight Loss, 2007, Panenthea Press
  • Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition, 2011, EVOLVER EDITIONS
  • The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible. The Vision and Practice of Interbeing, 2013, North Atlantic Books
  • Climate: A New Story, 2018, North Atlantic Books


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