Me&Me time’s Story

Self-care, self-development and well-being are more important now than ever. But inspiration in getting started or maintaining positive practices can be harder to come by.

Me&Me time is a unique curation of online well-being resources.

Discover expert voices. Experience remote events and classes. Connect and share with a friendly community. And be supported along your well-being and self-development journey. 

Our mission is simple: we want you to empower yourself by building your own routines, to continue learning and discovering tools and practices that can support your journey. That’s why we make it easy to…


Be Inspired

Get the inspiration to start your self-care journey and achieve positive, sustainable habits.

Be inspired to become the best version of yourself.

Find inspiration in our collection of articles, videos and podcasts from practitioners in the spiritual and wellness industry.

Create Your Own Routine

We see your uniqueness. We know it’s important that you find a routine that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Create a practice that is right for you, while finding support in our tools, rituals and community. 


Find out about online and face-to-face events, classes, experts and resources that can help you in your self-care, self-development and well-being journey.

Change is the only constant in life. Here you will continue discovering new classes, events, tools and resources.

Alma’s Story

Me&Me time’s founder, Alma, knows the pressures of modern life well: a busy professional career, relationships and her daughters brought many opportunities to experience indescribable moments of joy. And plenty of opportunities still to experience profound levels of stress.

In raising her family, Alma discovered her deep-seated desire to pursue a happy, balanced and meaningful life that allowed her to be the best example for her daughters.

This was the ultimate inspiration for her vision for the brand.

“I have a dream, to create a retreat centre for women and their families, to support them through challenging times. Alongside this, I wanted to create a digital platform of resources so that once back at home, they can continue to empower themselves. Change is constant – I want people to have the tools they need to approach their lives with resilience, adaptability and compassion”.

“I would like to help people to create their own positive and sustainable practices that will support their well-being, long-term. It has been a long journey for me. I want to make the support easier to find for others.”




“Where my initial plan for Me & Me Time was for it to be a hub of resources ready for people to continue their journey of well-being at home straight from the retreat, the COVID lockdown made me see that people need that support now.”

“I was having trouble finding moments of balance as my days continued to blend into one other. I was drained and exhausted. Often, I wasn’t aware of how unbalanced I’d become until a family member told me. I understood I needed to support myself, I had to create new daily practices and rituals, and turn a corner of my home into a sanctuary where I could reconnect, restore, and balance my sense of self. “

“Our homes became offices, classrooms, playgrounds and gyms. We needed to create space for ‘me time’ at home, to nourish and restore ourselves so we couldn’t be at our best for others too. Self-care, mental health and well-being was a priority.”

“I hope that Me&Me time will be a place where we all can connect and share ideas to support ourselves and one another right now and beyond. “


Be the architect of your future self.

Discover Me&Me time.