Miranda Macpherson

Spiritual Teacher, Modern Mystic and Author


MIRANDA MACPHERSON is a spiritual teacher, modern mystic and author teaching around the world since 1995. She is widely famous for her depth of presence and refined capacity to guide people into direct experience of the sacred. Her way of teaching is unapologetically feminine, joyful and down-to-earth. Miranda helps people with self-inquiry, spiritual psychology, devotion, and meditation practice. She is dedicated to guiding people on how to become more graceful human beings through inquiry, meditation, devotion and psychological integration.

With the 25 years experience of teaching, Mirada has been giving the right direction to the people and helping them find the meanings of their lives. She resides in San Rafael with his husband, Bob Duchmann, a teacher of the Diamond Approach. Her work is a beautiful blend of spiritual depth and psychological understanding delivered with precision, care and loving-kindness. She emphasizes on relaxing the ego that can lead to freedom, joy and liberation. Her work is focused on helping people developing their knowledge of grace and giving them tools for maintaining the balance in their lives.

Since her childhood, Miranda has been indulged in spiritual practice. She started her spiritual journey at the age of 13. She suffered clinical depression, and that experience inspired her to initiate a lifelong dedication to spiritual practice, inner transformation, and study of the world’s wisdom traditions. Miranda has completed her graduation at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. After gaining higher education, she pursued a brief career in television presenting. Soon after, she left Australia for the United Kingdom and dedicated herself fully to a life of spiritual service.

At the age of 26, she established the groundbreaking “OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation” in London. She opened this foundation on the request of her teacher Rabbi Joseph Gelberman. So far, Miranda has trained and ordained over six hundred interfaith ministers and spiritual counsellors. She has also offered spiritual guidance to many students across Europe, at the Findhorn Foundation. In 2005, something happened that change the course of Miranda’s life. Once, when Miranda was meditating in a cave in south India that was once home to the revered sage Sri Ramana Maharshi, she experienced a transmission that silenced her mind and required the total surrender of all she knew. Afterwards, she moved to a new continent, settling in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA.

Miranda is currently serving as a member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity and cheerfully adheres by their code of ethics.

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