The Best Version of You: Interview with Mikaela Jackson

All women have experienced feelings of isolation, or times when self-care takes a backseat to the perpetual demands of having a career, family or relationships. That’s where Mikaela Jackson – business, life and career coach – and her She Almighty community of empowered women comes in. Their mission is simple: to be the best version of themselves and feel supported and resilient in leading lives they love. But what’s the driving force behind the woman who started all this? We caught up with Mikaela to find out. 

You support women with coaching services to be the best version of themselves, embarking on careers they love and leading lives that have a positive impact on others.

Can you give us more information on how you seek to empower these women?

Sure! So I typically work with my clients through a programme of sessions, because as you can imagine, clarity and progress don’t happen overnight – Rome wasn’t built in a day! And transformation, building businesses and accomplishing dreams require time and effort, but boy is it worth it! 

Coaching requires inner work, and most importantly, ensures people carve out the time and space to make themselves, their wants, needs and desires, a priority. That must start with clarity and self-awareness – it’s a huge part of what I help people with. And of course, this must naturally involve action, because that is what creates the progress that people are seeking. 

The benefits of coaching are boundless, but coaching gives you the tools and mindset to be your best self and live your best, happiest and most fulfilled life. 

What spurred you on your coaching journey? 

It was hitting a low point in my life. I wasn’t happy in my job, living situation or relationship. I felt tired, uninspired, and a far cry from being the best version of me, and that’s then when I discovered coaching. That really was the beginning of my personal development journey and was the catalyst for hugely positive change in my life. 

I studied a Personal Performance Coaching Diploma with the Coaching Academy, specialising in career, business and life coaching. But to be honest, it’s all about the individual and what comes up comes up! 

What are your thoughts on self-care, personal growth and spirituality?

Self-care and self-love are the foundations for everything, and self-care is the ultimate act of self-love. As a coach, personal growth is a core value of mine, and I think it’s hugely important for everyone. When we’re growing, we feel energised and alive! Plus, it’s important for our self-esteem. Spirituality is an interesting one; I’m totally an advocate. I’ve had lots of spiritual experiences myself and had them shared with me. It’s something I’m excited to explore more and grow as a result. 

Every person’s journey is unique to them, and sometimes what they think they want to focus on isn’t actually what’s most important to them. 

Do you have any resources or online tools you’d recommend?

I’m creating an online community, watch this space and please subscribe to stay posted! In terms of other resources, I love Marie Forleo’s ‘MarieTV’ on YouTube – full of great interviews with thought-leaders in personal development; and ‘You are a Badass’ by Jen Sincero – I recommend everyone read that book! 

She Almighty: Women’s Coaching & Empowerment are monthly meetups for women that you’re currently running. 

Can you describe the benefits of these meetups and where can interested people sign up?

I started the meetup to bring like-minded women together to work on themselves and empower one another. Creating that connection really is the power – amazing things happen when women come together! Ultimately the meetup provides a safe space for women to share their challenges and realise that they are not alone in them. And facilitates their progress, through clarity and action, to improve their lives for the better. I create a different focus each month, for example, the topic could be resilience, confidence, goal setting and so on; and holding them regularly means we create accountability. You can join my mailing list to hear about upcoming meetups and events. 

How has COVID impacted your business and have your clients reacted positively to remote coaching sessions?

I’ve been extremely busy during COVID; obviously, lots of people are experiencing change, and actually lockdown has provided them with the opportunity to take stock of what they really want. That’s where I come in! Not everybody feels able or wants to do that alone, so again, I help with the clarity, direction, support and accountability. I have clients all over the world, and many were used to remote coaching already. Of course, nothing substitutes in-person, but we adapt, don’t we, and remote sessions work more than fine. Plus they save on travel time too!

Every cloud has a silver lining, and though COVID has been devastating, I hope we’ve all come away with learnings and new perspectives that will continue to serve us. 

Looking outwards, what are the main ways in which COVID has impacted your clients and how does your service support them? 

No doubt it has affected everyone differently due to multiple factors: the individual, the nature of their business/industry, their goals, where they want to take their business, how long they have been going etc. I’ve witnessed a lot of pivoting, meaning people are adapting to new ways of doing things or different ways to bring in business.

A lot of people are doing and selling more online. Through coaching, I help to take away the overwhelming feelings, create clarity, facilitate the brainstorm and action planning so that they can pivot or go about their business more effectively and with more confidence. 

What advice can you offer a Me&Me time audience on their self-development journey?

In order to have a self-care journey, you need to be in tune with you, how you’re feeling, what your body, mind and soul needs and make those things a priority. Self-care and well-being is ongoing, if you fall off the bandwagon and feel your well-being has been neglected somewhat, jump back on. In reality, it happens to all of us, even well-being gurus! In terms of self-development, listen to what interests you, follow your heart and do more of what lights you up. Don’t let fear or money be a barrier; there’s always a way. And inner-healing, I’m not sure I’m qualified to talk lots on this, but I do know that self-love and being kind to you is key. Don’t let the past have power over who you are today or want to be tomorrow. 

Do you have a published media e.g. books, podcast that we can point our audience to?

I certainly do, The She Almighty Podcast

It’s all about amplifying the voices of women that are living and leading by example to be the best version of themselves and have a positive impact for others. 

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