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Halloween Blue Moon: What It Actually Means (And How to Practice Wellness Around It)

Something magical is due this Halloween. Nope, it’s not the usual spirits and souls we’re used to on All Hallows’ Eve. It’s the fact that this 31 October, there’ll be a Blue Moon.

What’s a Blue Moon?

First of all, the name ‘Blue Moon’ doesn’t have anything to do with the colour blue. So when you look up to the sky this Halloween, you’ll see a regular-coloured moon.

But that doesn’t mean a Blue Moon isn’t special. Far from it.

A Blue Moon is an extra full moon that appears in a specific period. Usually, there’s just one full moon in a calendar month, but sometimes there’s a second. This would make it a Blue Moon.

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Sounds Simple, Right?

Not quite.

Firstly, not every month has a full moon. For example, February 2018 had no full moon, so both January and March that year ended up with two full moons.

By using the calendar month as a defining period for Blue Moons, that would make both those January and March moons ‘blue’. But we know this can’t be true. Why not?

Because a true ‘Blue Moon’ is the 13th moon in a year – nothing more, nothing less. And there’s only one of them.

On average, there are 12 full moon cycles a year. But because the phases of the moon take 29.5 days to complete, this falls a tiny bit short of our 365-day year. (29.5 x 12 = 354).

So, every 2 to 3 years, a 13th full moon is seen. This is the Blue Moon.

How Rare Is a Blue Moon on Halloween?

We’ve all heard the term ‘once in a Blue Moon’ and thought that meant Blue Moons were rare.

Well, as you’ve seen, it isn’t very easy. A Blue Moon isn’t that rare, as we see them every 2 to 3 years.

But for a Blue Moon to Fall on Halloween?

That’s rarer. The last time a Blue Moon happened on Halloween was 76 years ago in 1944.

So yep, this Halloween’s Blue Moon is pretty rare.

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What’s the Spiritual Meaning of a Blue Moon?

We’ve talked about what a Blue Moon means scientifically, but spiritually, a Blue Moon has a more complex meaning.

For centuries, full Moons have had mystical powers over humans. The lunar cycle is thought to impact our soul and influence our behaviour. This is likely where the saying ‘it must be a full Moon’ came from (a phrase often used when people behaved in strange, unexplained or enchanted ways).

‘It must be a full moon’ – traditional saying relating to the power of the lunar cycle on humans

To spiritualists, a Blue Moon – by definition itself a rare full Moon – symbolizes power, completion, new opportunity, and clear universal force. A full Moon sits in natural balance to the Sun, creating a cosmic harmony with great energy behind it.

This year’s Blue Moon falls on Halloween, a holiday that stems from a traditional Pagan festival that celebrated the dead and practised rituals to ward off evil.

The fact that a rare lunar event like this year’s Blue Moon would fall on this date means the night has even more spiritual energy attached to it than usual.

How Does a Blue Moon Relate to Wellness?

Blue Moons represent a climax of spiritual energy and the culmination of intentions.

This culmination signifies the opportunity to release negative energy, heal, and reflect. And when it comes to wellness, these are all important parts of staying well and having a regular self-care practice.

The Blue Moon creates an incredible opportunity to let go of anything that no longer serves you.

In the year 2020, where we’ve been overwhelmed with worry and uncertainty, the chance to release and heal has never been more needed. This Halloween’s Blue Moon gives us that chance, so let’s take it.

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How Can You Practice Wellness on a Blue Moon?

This Halloween’s Blue Moon is an incredible opportunity to cleanse your negative energies and practice spiritual wellness. Celebrate the mystical energy and power of the Moon with these following steps:

  1. Light a candle – and let the flame and the moonlight guide your cleansing practice
  2. Breathe – practice breathing, meditate and connect to your inner peace
  3. Channel loving-kindness – think about your loved ones and send them loving energy, then extend this to all beings, passed or still with us
  4. Let go – write down things that no longer serve you and let them go
  5. Practice forgiveness – for yourself and others. Bearing grudges and negative energy will only harm you, so use this time to forgive and move forward
  6. Take a moon bath – run a bath and bathe in the moonlight, resetting your spiritual energy and cleansing your aura
  7. Practice a Blue Moon blessing or ritual – find a guide to a Blue Moon ritual here

During this Halloween’s Blue Moon, try not to overwhelm or overwork yourself. A Blue Moon isn’t the time for stress or worry – it’s a time to celebrate and enjoy your wellness ritual.

Let this October 31’s Blue Moon symbolize new beginnings: let go of the year’s negative energy so far, tune into the divine love within your soul, and set positive intentions for your future.

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