Jason Chan

Jason Chan

Spiritual Master, Healer & Author

JASON CHAN is a well-known spiritual master and healer whose energy and teachings have helped people transform and enlighten their lives and hundreds of close students. He also touched the lives of several spiritual seekers who have attended his numerous courses, retreats, demonstrations, and workshops lead in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, and Thailand. He is also the author of The Radiant Warrior (Hay House 2009), Infinite Abundance (2012), and Infinite Awakening (2015).

Chan was voted Most Inspirational Individual in 2008 by readers of Kindred Spirit Magazine. Kindred Spirit 21st Anniversary Awards 2008 said:  “he has quietly, with dignity and integrity, and worked tirelessly to assist others to find inner peace and balance.”  In 2016, Jason was voted one of the UK’s “Leading Evolutionaries” by SourceTV. He received the Editor’s Award from Kindred Spirit magazine in 2017 for his “significant and meaningful work.”For more than 30 years, he has been dedicated his life to passing on his “Infinite Arts” benefits, including rejuvenation, vitality, inner strength, natural health, and spiritual growth.

“Looking at life from the highest possible view, we can see that there is a definite order in all that happens in nature and the Universe. We are part of nature, and it follows that we are affected by the same patterns, cycles, flow, change, and movement of the natural laws. It is from the ancient sources of wisdom that the “Infinite Arts” have drawn their unique view of life.”

Courses by Jason

  • ITC Teacher training Course
  • Infinite Arts Mastership Course
  • Chi Yoga Training Course
  • Infinite Arts Academy Course

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