Stephan Bodian

Stephan Bodian

American Author, Licensed Psychotherapist and a Spiritual Teacher


STEPHAN BODIAN works to offer several webinars, retreats, videos, books, and spiritual counseling which make profound spiritual teachings and practices accessible to a global audience. Stephan studied and practiced for many years with great masters in the nondual wisdom traditions of Zen, Dzogchen-Mahamudra, and Advaita Vedanta. In 2001, he then received Dharma transmission (authorization to teach) from Adyashanti.

Stephan is a licensed psychotherapist and a spiritual teacher. He has been a pioneer in integrating Eastern wisdom and Western psychology and the embodiment of awakened awareness in his everyday life. Bodian’s approach to teaching and counseling blends compassionate self-inquiry, non-dual insight, and transformational techniques from psychotherapy. Drawing on his decades of experience as a therapist and teacher, he also specializes in offering guidance that’s custom-tailored to the individual seeker’s needs.

Bodian’s ground-breaking guidebook Meditation for Dummies, which has sold nearly a half-million copies in several languages since its initial publication in 1998, and helped people bring mindfulness to the mainstream. Recently, his book Wake Up Now has one of the first to offer a detailed road map to the journey of spiritual awakening. Since 2007, Stephan has led an annual, months-long intensive program in spiritual transformation known as the School for Awakening.

He began his spiritual practice along with Shunryu Suzuki, who is the author of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, and also received ordination as a monk in 1974. And after leaving the monastic life in the early ‘80s, he spent a decade as an Advaita master Jean Klein student. After Jean died in 1998, he spent several years in a private study with Adyashanti.

Books by Stephan Bodian

  • Wake Up Now-A Guide to the Journey of Spiritual Awakening
  • Beyond Mindfulness-The Direct Approach to Lasting Peace, Happiness, and Love
  • Meditation for Dummies-Now in the 4th Edition, with Instructional Audio
  • Everyday Mindfulness-Practical Secrets for Finding Joy in Each Moment



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