Rupert Spira

Author, Potter and Spiritual teacher


RUPERT SPIRA is a globally renowned author, potter and spiritual teacher. He is a teacher of the “direct path” which is a method of spiritual self-enquiry through talks and writing. Rupert is also known for his pottery work, working in both public and private practice. He completed his graduation from West Surrey College of Art. After graduating, he took an apprenticeship at Wenford Bridge Pottery.

In 1996, Rupert started his pottery at Church Farm in Shropshire. Rupert has changed his style from a functional to a more minimalist, finer, more complex style ranging in size from miniature to large-scale. His creation has been included in many galleries throughout Britain as well as in many private collections worldwide.

Rupert has good knowledge of Mevlevi Turning, which is a sacred Sufi dance of movement, prayer and meditation. He learned it at Colet House in London. Soon after gaining knowledge of Mevlevi, he got to meet his first teacher named Dr Francis Roles. Under the guidance of Francis Roles, Rupert learned mantra meditation and was introduced to the classical system of Advaita or Non-Duality. He practised it for 25 years.

He is also a spiritual teacher and writer of in the branch of non-duality, leading meetings and retreats across the UK, US and Europe. His work is focused on investigating the nature of mind and reality. Rupert has been teaching non-duality to people from around the world. Rupert is married to Ellen Emmet who is a therapist and yoga instructor in the non-dual tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. He lives in Oxford, the U.K with his wife and son Matthew.

BOOKS by Rupert Spira

  • Being Aware of Being Aware
  • The Nature of Consciousness
  • Transparent Body, Luminous World
  • The Light of Pure Knowing
  • The Ashes of Love – Sayings on the Essence of Non-Duality
  • Presence, Volume I – The Art of Peace and Happiness
  • The Transparency Of Things – Contemplating the Nature of Experience – Paperback
  • Presence, Volume II – The Intimacy of All Experience

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