Jonathan Goldman

Author, Musician and Teacher


JONATHAN GOLDMAN is a well-known American author, musician, and teacher. He is regarded as an international authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. Jonathan earned a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking from Boston University and a master’s degree in the independent study on sound healing from Lesley College. He is currently serving as the lecturing member of the International Society for Music and Medicine.

Jonathan has written several amazing books, including Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics (Inner Traditions), The 7 Secrets Of Sound Healing (Hay House), Shifting Frequencies (Light Technology), Chakra Frequencies, etc. In 2011, he was announced as the winner of the Visionary Award for “Best Healing Book” and also recognized as one of Watkin’s Reviews “100 Most Spiritually Influential People on the Planet.”

He serves as the director of the Sound Healers Association, which is the original organization focused on the education and awareness of sound and music for healing. He also works as president of Spirit Music, which produces music for meditation, relaxation, and self-transformation. Jonathan has given wonderful articles on the therapeutic and transformational uses of sound and music. These articles have been included in many national publications.

To help people heal and develop a positive mindset, Jonathan has conducted many seminars at universities, hospitals, holistic health centers across the United States and Europe. Jonathan has been transforming the lives of others through his work. He has been seen on national television and radio, consisting of “Art Bell’s and “Coast to Coast AM.” People from around the world participate in his annual healing sounds intensive.

BOOKS by Jonathan Goldman

  • Chakra Frequencies
  • Shifting Frequencies: New Edition with CD!
  • Sound Healing For Beginners
  • The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing
  • The Divine Name Book
  • The Humming Effect Book
  • Healing Sounds Book

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