Celebrate your self

Celebrate Yourself: An Act of Self Love

When we are born, we look at others with love as the glasses of judgement are yet to cover our eyes. Babies only see the true essence, all the love, of the person holding them. They don’t distinguish between colour, or race; they don’t ask who we love or what our personal beliefs are. It doesn’t matter to them where we are from, where we live, what we do or what do we own. 

They just smile back.  

celebrate yourself

But, unfortunately as we grow up, we stop looking at everyone with love and acceptance. We start looking at others through eyes glazed with fear based on what we have learned from our environment and life experiences. 

We learn to judge others and ourselves because it is what we have learned from others. 

We all have this voice that is constantly judging us. And instead of evicting our inner critic or contemplating our thoughts and changing them, most of us drive our attention to the outside and start criticising others. It is always easier to judge than to offer love and compassion to others – even to ourselves. 

Celebrating yourself is an act of self-love. Accepting, embracing, and loving who we are, regardless of opinions and judgements takes self-awareness, self-compassion and a lot of courage to be willing to see ourselves and others with love.

I want to share some mindfulness practices that can support you in this journey to embrace, celebrate and accept all parts of yourself with love

Illustration of two heads and mind's eyePractice Self-Awareness

Become aware of your thoughts, emotions and feelings towards yourself and others.

What am I judging? Why do I judge myself or others? What bothers me about them? Is this judgement mine or it has been passed on to me? Does my judgement show me parts of myself that need to be loved, healed or  forgiven and embraced? What can I do to heal and what support do I need?

Illustration of a person radiating kindness

Practice Compassion

When you find yourself being judged by others or even yourself, hold yourself in love and compassion. Remind yourself of your true essence, which is love. 

When you find yourself in a space of judgement, set an intention to see your reflection and the reflection of others with love. Remind yourself that your true essence and their true essence is love.

Change your inner critic to positive statements like

“I am willing to see myself favourably and with love”

“I am doing my best”

“I can learn from this mistake”

“I understand their judgment has nothing to do with me”

“I am willing to see others in the most favourable light possible”. 

“I am willing to forgive myself and see myself with love”

Celebrate with Gratitude 

Don’t wait for others to celebrate you – be proactive with self-praise. Take some time to reflect and celebrate your achievements. Be grateful for the lessons learned from your life experiences so far and the gift of solace and release after encountering difficulties.  Acknowledge with gratitude the people who have been a part of those lessons to accept and love your self.

Celebrate yourself and by extension, you’ll escape a place of judgement.  

Accept, embrace & celebrate who you are with love and pride

 Me & Me Time

For more ways to take care of yourself during Pride and beyond, try the meditation techniques here.

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