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What is Me&Me time?

Me&Me time is the first curated collection of well-being resources online. We’ve made it easy for you to find inspiring expert voice, remote events and classes near you and a community ready to support you along your wellness journey.

Why should I make wellness part of my everyday?

Studies have shown that taking part in wellness practices helps reduce anxiety, heightens emotional and social intelligence and can even enhance focus at work. Wellness can be as small as practising modified breathing or as large as adopting a lifestyle that feels right for you.

How soon will I start feeling the benefits of practising wellness?

Practice and patience are keys to successfully ensuring that wellness becomes routine. One you find a technique, ritual or class that works for you, don’t stop. Find a time every day where you can keep the momentum going, free from distractions, and you’ll build a spiritual foundation of that can act as a wellspring of positive energy, whatever life throws at you.

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