Sonia Choquette’s Good Vibes Tribe

About Good Vibes Tribe

Good Vibes Tribe is one of the most active and dynamic memberships for intuitive development, spiritual growth and genuine connection.

As a member, you will get handpicked lectures, meditations, visual journeys, surprises like new online courses, your own tribe, weekly emails from Sonia, and over $3000 worth of her courses, including the brand new Ask Your Guides 2.0, available only to members!

Benefits of Becoming a Member

→ Live Group Teachings

→ Online Spiritual Development Courses

→ Mobile App

→ Intuitive Talks

→ Visual Journeys & Guided meditations

→ Exclusive Discounts

→ A Private Facebook Community

Let me help you connect to your spirit, trust your vibes and access your guides – Sonia Choquette

About Sonia Choquette


Spiritual Development Teacher & International Author.

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