Sergio Magaña

Mystic, Healer and Teacher of the Nahuatl Tradition


SERGIO MAGAÑA “Ocelocoyotl” is a world-renown mystic, healer, and teacher of the Nahuatl tradition. Although raised in a traditional Catholic home in Mexico, Magaña was surrounded by ancient Mexican spiritual practices from the time he was a child. Later, he was initiated into the 5,000-year-old lineage of Mesoamerica as well as the Toltec dreaming oral tradition, which has been handed down for 1,460 years.

For many years, Magaña used his gift to help others heal from all kinds of conditions. While thousands were getting help, he struggled with the burden of his gift, especially with knowing that people were attracted to him simply because of what he could do for them. After receiving a powerful insight in which Magaña discovered that the power to heal is not limited to a select few, Magaña is devoted to teaching others his spiritual and healing knowledge in workshops all over the world.

In his newest book, Caves of Power: Ancient Energy Techniques for Healing Rejuvenation and Manifestation, Magaña explains that the phrase “caves of power” speaks to the hidden power in each of us—that place where our instincts and unconscious live. He knows that when we liberate ourselves from our shadows and connect with our inner power, we can bring about profound healing and rejuvenation to improve our physical health, relationships, and life circumstances.

Magaña he is now devoted to teaching others his practical and powerful spiritual and healing knowledge in workshops all over the world. He covers topics like:

  • Why exploring your caves of power, rather than looking outside yourself for answers, will result in deeper insights and opportunities for growth.
  • Dreaming states, and how they can be used for healing and understanding life’s challenges.
  • Profound breathing exercises for healing emotions and relationships.
  • Using psychic surgeries, instead of real surgeries, to heal.
  • How Mexican astrology, numerology, and energy systems are similar to other ancient teachings and can be used for healing.

With the knowledge shared in Caves of Power, we can learn to embrace our own hidden darkness and therefore bring forth the light needed to heal ourselves, our relationships, and others. Magaña says, “It is through this knowledge that we can actively participate in the evolution of human and planetary consciousness now, and live from a place of grace and unity.”


EVENTS & COURSES by Sergio Magaña


  • Escuela Sueño y del Ensueño / The Dreamer’s Path School Nahualism

Sourcing from the 5000 year-old secrets of Toltec/Mexica wisdom path, Sergio Magana Ocelocoyotl has developed this unique course – “The Perceptual and Dreaming Path of the Tol/Nahualism”.

To see more information about his courses and events click here.


BOOKS by Sergio Magaña

  • The Real Toltec Prophecies: How the Aztec Calendar Predicted Modern-Day Events and Reveals a Pathway to a New Era of Humankind
  • Caves of Power: Ancient Energy Techniques for Healing, Rejuvenation and Manifestation
  • The Toltec Secret: Dreaming Practices of the Ancient Mexicans
  • 2012-2021: The Dawn of the Sixth Sun

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