Richard Wayne Bandler

Richard Wayne Bandler

American Author, Trainer in self-help and Co-Creator of the Pseudoscience Neuro-linguistic programming


RICHARD WAYNE BANDLER holds his name as a renowned American author and trainer in self-help. He is best known as the co-creator (with John Grinder) of the pseudoscience Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), a methodology to understand and change human behavior patterns. Richard also developed other Design Human Engineering (DHE) and Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning (NHR).

Dr. Bandler, a mathematician, philosopher, modeler, teacher, artist, and composer for four decades, has left a legacy of books, videos, audios, art, students, and a body of knowledge that will change therapy, education, and medicine forever. Bandler has hundreds of thousands of students and hundreds of licensed institutes all over the globe. Richard Bandler’s seminars & workshops include Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning®, Design Human Engineering®, Persuasion Engineering®, Personal Enhancement™, Charisma Enhancement®, NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnosis, and others.

Richard has been interviewed by several magazines from Psychology Today to Newsweek. Most major newspapers, TV Networks, and Radio Stations around the world have interviewed him over the past 30+ years. Bandler helped Robert Spitzer edit The Gestalt Approach (1973) based on a manuscript by gestalt therapist Fritz Perls (who had died in 1970). He also assisted with checking transcripts for Eye Witness to Therapy (1973). According to Spitzer, “[Bandler] came out of it talking and acting like Fritz Perls.”

Books by Richard

  • Bandler, Richard & John Grinder . The Structure of Magic I: A Book About Language and Therapy. Palo Alto.
  • Bandler, Richard & John Grinder. The Structure of Magic II: A Book About Communication and Change. Palo Alto.
  • Grinder, John; Richard Bandler. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume I. Cupertino.
  • John Grinder; Richard Bandler; Judith Delozier. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume II. Cupertino.
  • John Grinder; Richard Bandler. Frogs into Princes: Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Moab, UT: Real People Press.
  • Grinder, John; Richard Bandler. Connirae Andreas (ed.). Trance-Formations: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis. Moab, UT: Real People Press.
  • Grinder, John & Richard Bandler. Reframing: Neurolinguistic programming and the transformation of meaning. Moab, UT: Real People Press. pp. -.
  • Using Your Brain for a Change, 1985
  • An Insider’s Guide To Sub-Modalities, 1988 Richard Bandler, Will MacDonald
  • Magic in Action, 1992
  • Time for a Change, 1993
  • Richard Bandler. The Adventures of Anybody. Meta Publications. Pp. 96pp.
  • Richard Bandler; John La Valle. Persuasion Engineering. Meta Publications. Pp. 230pp.
  • Richard Bandler. Get The Life You Want The Secrets to Quick and Lasting Life Change with Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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