Angel the Medium

Psychic Evidential Medium, Spiritual Life Coach


ANGEL THE MEDIUM is a psychic evidential medium and spiritual life coach. His passion for teaching and helping people has changed not only the lives of others but his own life. From counselling and psychic readings to teaching and mediumship, he provides different types of services to people. He is considered leading light in the field of mediumship.

Angel provides counselling on various issues including marriage, relationships, children, career, personal issues, blockages, meditation, spiritual development, phobias, financial matters, life decisions etc. Besides this, he helps his clients connect with their passed loved ones through mediumship.

To Angel, training is essential to become a great medium, and that is why he trained with the absolute best in the business. His mentors include Paul Jacobs, one of the best Platform Demonstrating Mentors and tutor at Arthur Findlay College, Mavis Pittilla, also a senior tutor at Arthur Findlay College, John Holland, Janet Nohavec, Lynn Probert and James Van Praagh.

Angel is not interested in becoming famous or competing with anyone else in the business, but would rather bring everyone together and make them stronger. This is why he loves to teach so much. His life mission is to help as many people as he can while he is in this world.

SERVICES by Angel the Medium

Angel provides the different type of services to his clients. Here are some of the services he offers:

Phone Readings 30/60 Minute :

Angel provides people 30 to 60-minute long phone reading service. This service can be psychic reading, mediumship reading, psychic life coach, or past life and guided meditation reading. Angel guarantees that phone service is as good as in person. You can book a phone reading through Angel’s website. The process is very simple. All you will need is to provide only your name, email and phone number.

Zoom Video Readings:

You can get psychic and/or mediumship reading service with Angel via Zoom Video app. This video reading is one hour long. You can book for this service online.

Oregon / Washington Office Readings:

This option is for 60-minute long in-person mediumship and/or psychic reading. Angel provides this service at his different offices based in Oregon and Washington. You will need to choose a location as per your convenience. You can also use this for any of the other services provided like life coaching, guided or past life meditation, aura experience, or mentoring.

Oregon / Washington Traveling Group Readings:

This session is for group readings only and requires a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 16 people. It will run for one hour and provides mediumship group reading service.

California Office Readings :

This option is for 60-minute in-person mediumship and/or psychic reading. You can also use this for any of the other services provided like guided or past life meditation.

California Traveling Readings:

This is one hour long Psychic and/or Mediumship Reading. If you book for this service, Angel will come to your home at the scheduled date and time. This option is for 1 to 2 people and only available for couples.

Sage House Cleansing:

This is for 45-60 Minute Travel / Local House Clearing where Angel will cleanse your home with sage and clear your house and restore harmony.

The Aura Experience:

This session is only for one person and will last one hour. During this session, you will get an intuitive psychic reading for the first 30 minutes with Lisa dawn. In the remaining 30 minutes, you will receive psychic or mediumship reading with Angel The Medium.

Life Coach Sessions:

In this 30 to 60 minutes long session, you can be more interactive with Angel by directly telling him where you are having problems and what issues you would like to address in your life.

Past Life Meditations:

This 30 minutes long session is all about past life meditation where Angel will take you on a journey of your most relevant past lives.

Guided Meditation Session:

This option is for 30 minutes session where Angel will take you through a custom meditation created just for you.

Personal Mentoring & Training:

In this option, you can take private mentoring and training with Angel via Zoom. This option will provide you weekly and/or monthly 60 minutes long sessions of personal training with Angel via Zoom app.

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