Abby Wynne

Shamanic Psychotherapist, Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Author


ABBY WYNNE is a well-known shamanic psychotherapist that specializes in teaching how to heal inner wounds and develop a positive mind-set. She holds a Master’s Degree in psychotherapy and is a certified practitioner/teacher in mindfulness, shamanism, reiki, seichem, coaching, psychotherapy, counselling and group facilitation.

As an author, she has given some amazing books to the world, which include Energy Healing and How to Be Well. In these books Abby shares basic concepts about energy healing and easy techniques for how to reconnect with heart and soul and how to make life joyful, stress-free, and peaceful. Her books have proven to be a great help for those who have lost inner connection in today’s fast-paced life.

Abby has been working in private healing practice for ten years, and so far, she has helped many people find healing and balance in their lives. She provides help to people in need through offline and online programs.


EVENTS & COURSES by Abby Wynne

Abby offers 3 different types of online offerings here on her Academy Website – group led programmes, self-paced programmes and online group healing sessions (OGHS).

  • Group Led Programmes
    Abby organizes live programs on various topics. These programs are advertised via my email and take place on a specific day and time. These programs are always recorded and offered as a replay.
  • Self-Paced Programmes
    You can get access to these programmes by signing up and take them at your own pace. Some of them provide the convenience of scheduled delivery so that you are not overloaded with the content. You will get the notification through email whenever a new session is uploaded. All you will need to do is to go the website and log in to receive the content.
  • Online Group Healing Sessions
    These sessions are held live every month. These online sessions are recorded and then offered as a replay. You can either sign up for a live session or can buy a replay. Online Group Healing Sessions are included as part of the benefits for Abby’s Healing Circle membership at the Flower and Tree levels.
Abby also offers 3 types of her Healing Circle Membership where you can:
  • Discover what energy is holding you down and how to clear it
  • Reclaim your spark and zest for healing so you can maintain momentum and income doing what you love
  • Learn ways to protect and clean client session energy
  • Receive a group healingJoin a Community to connect with like minds
  • Overcome ‘healer fatigue’ and industry burn-out

BOOKS by Abby Wynne

  • Energy Healing: Unlock Your Potential as a Healer and Bring Healing into Your Everyday Life
  • One Day at a Time Diary 2020: A Year Long Journey of Personal Healing and Transformation – one day at a time
  • Energy Healing for Everyone: A Practical Guide to Self Healing
  • Heal Your Inner Wounds: How to Transform Deep Emotional Pain into Freedom and Joy
  • The Book of Healing Affirmations: Words to improve your life, one day at a time
  • One Day at a Time Diary 2021: A Year Long Journey of Personal Healing and Transformation – one day at a time
  • How to Be Well: Use Your Own Natural Resources to Get Well and Stay Well for Life
  • A – Z Spiritual Colouring Affirmations: A Colouring Book Incorporating Energy Healing and Mindfulness
  • One Day at a Time Diary 2019: A Year Long Journey of Personal Healing and Transformation – one day at a time
  • Energy Healing
  • Planting the Seeds: Poetry, Stories and Prayers
  • Spiritual Tips for Enlightenment: Practical Spirituality for Every Week of the Year
  • One Day at a Time Diary 2018: A Year Long Journey of Personal Healing and Transformation – one day at a time

To read all the wonderful blogs of Abby Wynne, please click here.

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