Ashley Beaudin

Motivational speaker, Coach


ASHLEY BEAUDIN is a writer and motivational coach who speaks and inspires people into emotional wholeness, real community and bold leadership. She was raised in the Niagara region of Ontario and earned her Human Rights Degree from Carleton University in 2012.

After being deeply inspired by the thought of improving the lives of people and making a difference in society, she started working as an activist for vulnerable kids in her teenage years. Throughout that time, she led massive letter-writing campaigns, fundraising initiatives and large-scale events.

Ashley has become a successful and well-known international speaker and coached many women to heal from self-sabotage and cultivate self-supportive practices. Ashley has been featured in publications such as Brit + Co, Mind Body Green and Futurpreneur. Through its empowerment campaigns and other events, she strives to provide help to people who are in need. Her work mainly focuses on helping women to develop inner confidence.

EVENTS by Ashley Beaudin

PRIVATE COACHING by Ashley Beaudin

  • Initial workbook and intention setting guide: This workbook will help you clarify and put words to what you want out of this coaching container.
  • Initial 9o minute intention setting session: During this session, Ashley will review what you’ve shared and will map out some key areas of focus in the coming months.
  • 12 to 60-minutes transformational coaching calls: This session is for coaching conversations to facilitate your shifts and transformation. You will be seen, held space for and challenged to walk in the glory of you.
  • Unlimited voxer access: Here you can drop in and receive support and share a-ha’s in between sessions. You will get a response from Ashley once a day from Monday to Friday.
  • Your client portal: You will be provided with your customized client portal where you will be able to find any resources and practices Ashley set out for you.


Instagram Hashtag Campaign works as a marketing tool through which you can tell people about your message and put impact all while growing your community and giving your brand momentum.

  • Intake Process: In this process, Ashley will lead you and help you clarify intentions and outcomes for your campaign and align with what you desire most.
  • Messaging call and report: The first thing that Ashley will do is clarifying that powerhouse message of yours as that will become the foundation of your work. You will get to jam with Ashley overcall, and you can use this simple message report for your brand.
  • Campaign strategy and personalized plan: Using your message and your existing brand, Ashley will assist you with campaign strategy and a personalized action plan to make sure that it goes off with a bang.
  • Four campaign check-in calls: Ashley will do four check-ins for accountability and support.
  • Powerful project management: Ashley will help you manage your entire campaign project setting and deadlines so that you will not be exhausted by all the work and stay right on track.
  • Unlimited feedback + Access to Ashley’s templates: You’ll receive unlimited feedback from Ashley and access to Ashley’s templates from the campaign that you can use to make executing easy-peasy.
  • Add-on takeovers: Ashley will help you with branding, copywriting, and influencer strategy because that’s her zone.

You can see more about the hashtag partnership by clicking here.

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